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GenePace was founded by a team of experienced diagnostics executives, innovators, lab operators and physicians. GenePace is working at pace to meet your scientific and patient care testing needs!

  • MP George

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Charles Bolles

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • L. Louise Tetrick, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Craig Kunkle

    Chief Operating Officer

L. Louise Tetrick, MD

Chief Medical Officer GenePace Laboratories

Meet the Chief Medical Officer of GenePace Labs

Louise is a co-founder and the Chief Medical Officer of GenePace. Before this, Dr. Tetrick started her career in pediatrics at Northpoint Pediatrics in 1989. From 2004-2016 she served as the co-President of Northpoint. Furthermore, Dr. Tetrick served on the board of the Indiana Chapter of the American Association of Pediatrics, or AAP.

Due to a desire to further develop the pediatric field, Dr. Tetrick served as a principal investigator in multiple research cases in this field from 2009-2013.

Dr. Tetrick has won many awards for her dedicated work and research in the pediatrics field including: the American Academy of Pediatrics Irving Rosenbaum, M.D. Community Pediatrics Recognition, and the Award for Distinguished Service to Children. She also is a member of the Indiana State Medical Association.

Louise is a graduate of Indiana University, graduating with her B.A. in 1982. She continued her medical education as a Hoosier, finishing medical school in 1986.

GenePace Laboratories

GenePace Laboratories operates from a dedicated clinical laboratory within the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute in downtown Indianapolis, only a few miles from the 2nd largest national FedEx hub. We are deploying new technologies for extremely rapid and responsive molecular PCR testing, and we are partnered with Butler University, an innovative and emerging leader in fusing education with practical leadership experience.

GenePace Solutions

Through GenePace Solutions, our collections and test administration group, we can scale up to tens of thousands of daily collections regionally, all the way to unique “on call” concierge services in the metro Indianapolis area. You can trust our physician and clinical team to support your program strategy, collection, administration and vetted PPE and testing product needs.

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